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Pineapple Julius

We like to call this concoction, Pineapple Julius, because the foaminess reminds us of an Orange Julius. This is super easy and fast, with only a few ingredients, all of which I conveniently always have on hand. Our family loves this drink, which we offer after dinner, as a treat…we don’t normally have treats during the week, but this is an exception as the only sugar is from the pineapple and it’s juice.

Pineapple Julius
*makes about 4 cups. Serves 2- 4

5 oz almond milk

5 oz canned coconut milk (from a can; I like Thai brand. Unsweetened, full fat)

1,  20 oz can pineapple, in its juice (including juice; doesn’t matter how the pineapple is cut as it’ll all go into the blender)

1 c ice

Place in a high power blender and blend until smooth (about 20-30 seconds in my Vitamix.).


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Maca Date Shake

This is a great shake for anyone, but especially athletes as it contains dates (many runners and bikers eat dates on their long runs), and Maca Powder which is considered a Superfood because it not only has a positive effect on hormones, but also increases energy levels and stamina. Health benefits aside, I love this shake! It’s almost like having a milk shake. It’s important to enjoy the foods we eat. I love when the shakes about done, but there are some tiny bits and pieces of the dates that have sunk to the bottom. They’re sweet and chewy.


And a word of advice on the dates. I buy mine at Costco in the produce section, as that’s where I find them for the best price, and unless used within a week or so, should be stored in the fridge, but I will take out the 4 I need for this recipe the morning of, put them in a baggie and let them sit out for a couple of hours until I’m ready to make my shake, because my blender has an easier time blending them up when they’re at room temperature. And I have a high power blender.



Maca Date Shake
serves 1

1 c unsweetened vanilla almond milk
1/4 c dates (about 4 medjool dates, at room temperature or 1/4 c of the chopped dates in oat flour)
1 Tbsp almond butter
1/2 tsp vanilla(I only use this about half of the time…great either way)
1 tsp maca powder
1/8 tsp ground cinnamon
1 c ice

Optional: 1/2 frozen açaí packet (only use 1/2 c ice if you use this option…also, açaí will change the color and make it look more chocolatey) 

Place in high power blender, milk first, and blend until smooth.

*Maca Powder: of the cruciferous family (like broccoli), and is considered a Super Food. Grown in the mountains of South America, Maca has a positive effect on hormone balance, energy levels, and is a health booster.

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Peach Lemonade

I recently attended BYU education week, and Chef Brad was the presenters. He did some cooking demonstrations and he made this really yummy peach lemonade, that really, you could sub out the peaches and use whatever fruit is in season. It was so yummy, I came home, and made a batch, making a couple of small modifications mostly because I didn’t have the exact ingredients he had, on hand. The whole family loved it!

Before I share the recipe, let’s talk for a minute about lemons. They are a power food. Really, they are. They cleanse your system, flushing out toxins. They help stop hunger cravings. Lemons are very Alkaline (they decrease acidity in your body) which keeps your body in a state where diseases and cancers etc cannot survive. That alone is amazing! Greens are another great alkaline food, but we won’t go there today. Lemons also provide energy and reduce anxiety and depression; even the smell can help with that. In fact, I  have a lemon essential oil that I will diffuse during the day for that very reason; the smell is calming. If you could get into the habit of having a glass of warm lemon water every day, before you eat anything in the morning, that would be ideal.

2016-08-26 14.58.29

This recipe uses fresh lemons so here’s another good way to get lemons in your diet, and without the sugar rush you’d normally get while drinking lemonade. Why? Because we’re using stevia, a natural plant extract that has zero impact on your blood sugar level. To make this lemonade, I squeeze the juice from my lemons, add the juice to my blender, add the peaches, stevia and a little water and ice and blend it until smooth.

2016-08-26 14.43.21

2016-08-26 14.46.26

Then I dump that into a 1/2 gallon jar, add another cup of ice and fill the jar with water until it’s nearly full, give it a stir and it’s ready to serve!

2016-08-26 14.56.01

2016-08-26 14.57.28

Peach Lemonade- lightly adapted from Chef Brad
*makes 1/2 gallon

1/2 c fresh squeezed lemon juice (about 2-3 lemons)
3 packets stevia or to taste(1 gram packets. If you’re using the stevia with a filler that converts 1:1 with sugar then use about 1 c stevia; or can  use 1 cup agave)
2 peaches
1 c ice
1 c water

Add ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.

Pour into 1/2 gallon container and add 1 c ice and enough water to fill nearly to the top. Stir and enjoy!

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Peach Smoothie


2015-08-18 08.03.42

It’s that time of year and our peach tree is overwhelmed, and completely weighed down with the amount of fruit that’s growing from it. We picked about 75 last night after dinner, and it barely looks like we touched the tree!

We love to eat peaches raw and we love cobblers and crisps, but you can only make so many cobblers before it gets old…and that’s too much sugar to have regularly. So we’ve been making peach smoothies! (We’ve also been slicing and freezing peaches for later use in smoothies).

2015-08-17 19.18.56

My older kids can make smoothies all on their own, and my younger ones love to get involved and help put things in the blender so it’s a fun and tasty activity for the whole family.
2015-08-17 19.23.08

Here’s what  you’ll need: almond milk (or another milk), plain yogurt (or another yogurt), ice cubes, honey and 4 large, ripe peaches (can use frozen if fresh are not available, but use less ice).


2015-08-18 07.56.22

Combine all the ingredients in your blender, starting with the milk, and blend until smooth.

2015-08-18 07.59.49

Delicious, light and refreshing!

2015-08-18 08.04.21



Peach Smoothie
*makes about 40 oz

12 oz Almond Milk (or other milk)
1/2 c plain yogurt
4 large peaches, pit removed
2 c ice cubes
optional: 2 Tbsp honey

Add milk to blender, then add remaining ingredients. Blend until smooth.

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Pina Colada Smoothie

My husband and I are preparing for our first  mini triathlon which will take place in just over a week. We decided that we’d do a month long sugar fast leading up to our triathlon to help us be on top of our game(which is not much of a ‘game’ considering we’re not good swimmers). We still consume natural sugars in fruits and honey, but all refined sugars are out. We’ve been eating a lot more fruit and smoothies and because of that, we’ve come up with a couple new favorite smoothie recipes, one of which is the Pina Colada Smoothie.

You can alter smoothie recipes pretty easily depending on preferences; add more fruit to make it sweeter, more ice or frozen fruits to make it thicker, more liquids to thin it out etc. So that being said, I’ll tell you how I made mine, but just know that you can change things up a bit to make it the way you like it, and if you don’t have an ingredient on hand, like canned pineapple, you can certainly use fresh or frozen, though if you use frozen, you also might want to decrease the amount of ice.

2015-07-28 12.42.57

Place all the ingredients you see below, in your blender, starting with your liquids, and blend until smooth. The shredded unsweetened coconut is optional, I personally love it because it gives it a stronger coconut flavor.

2015-07-28 12.30.21

Fruit smoothies are the perfect summer dessert, light, cool and refreshing. Enjoy!


Pina Colada Smoothie

*makes about 24 oz

1/2 c coconut milk
1/2 c pineapple juice
1 banana
1 c  pineapple (can use fresh, canned or frozen but may want to decrease ice if using frozen)
optional: 1/4 c shredded unsweetened coconut
2 c ice
*if you use frozen pineapple or banana, you’ll want to decrease your ice; start with 1 c.

Place  all ingredients in blender, in order, and blend until smooth.

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Mango Lassi

About two or three years ago, Scott and I tried Indian food for the first time, I think ever. He had a coworker that was from India and gave us restaurant and menu recommendations. We fell in love with Indian food immediately! We’ve recreated a couple of our favorite dishes which we make fairly regularly. Our kids are learning to like it too, some more than others. A couple of them love it, but that’s how a lot of meals are; pleasing seven people, five of which are children, is not an easy thing to do. Many times we’ll serve the dish with Mango Lassi, an Indian smoothie that our children love! It’s a milk and yogurt based smoothie; so this smoothie also helps turn down the heat if you’ve made a dish that’s a bit spicy :). Not that I’ve ever done that.

We make this smoothie when we get Indian take-out as well, about every other month, because sometimes, even though you ask for medium heat, the chef goes overboard and you get something pretty hot, but this smoothie will save the day because it’s milk based and that really helps cool things down.

2014-11-07 19.30.40

All you need for this recipe is milk, any kind, though I like unsweetened almond, plain greek yogurt(I love the Fage brand; it’s so thick and creamy), frozen mangos, or fresh with a cup of ice, and a little honey and vanilla.

2014-11-07 19.28.11

Put your milk and yogurt in your blender, add everything else and blend until smooth. It’ll be a bit frothy and oh so yummy!

2014-11-07 19.30.48

I took the picture below during one of our in-home date nights when we got Indian; we do a lot of in-home date nights since we don’t have a child quite old enough to babysit and babysitters around here are busy! Scott’s eating Butter Chicken and I’m eating Paneer Tikka Masala, with our Mango Lassi we blended up. We could have bought it from the restaurant, and we have before, but I’m pretty sure they sweeten theirs with sugar, and it’s expensive, and this is not and we always have the ingredients on hand so it’s fast and easy. Enjoy!

2014-11-07 19.35.38

Mango Lassi

1 c milk (I like almond, but you can use whatever)

1 c plain greek yogurt

2 c frozen mango chunks

1 Tbsp honey (or agave)

1 tsp vanilla

Combine in blender and blend until smooth. Will be a little frothy. Serve immediately. Serves 2-3.

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