Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs

Two posts in one week, and in fact, in one day which is not normal for me! That’s because I didn’t have this recipe ready for this morning, when I normally post, so I used another one, but I still wanted to share this with you before Easter since it’s a fun, festive treat that is SO yummy(and a healthier version than the store bought kind)! I made these chocolate peanut butter eggs yesterday and they are sitting in the freezer just waiting to be eaten in a few days, on Easter Sunday :). I covered half of them in white chocolate and half in carob…I would have used chocolate instead of carob but I didn’t have any on hand.

2016-03-22 14.50.40

I made half with creamy and half with crunchy peanut butter and liked them both. The crunchy peanut butter container was full which meant it was pretty oily which made those ones take a little longer to freeze, but they still worked great.

2016-03-22 13.10.49

2016-03-22 14.53.18

Once they were all covered in chocolate and I let them freeze for about ten minutes, I pulled them out and individually wrapped them into saran wrap since we want individual servings for the kids to throw in their Easter baskets on Easter morning. Once wrapped in plastic, I put them all into a gallon ziploc bag and stuck them back into the freezer which is the best way to store them.

2016-03-22 15.04.21


Chocolate Peanut Butter Eggs
*makes 12 eggs

1 c natural peanut butter (creamy or crunchy)
4 Tbsp pure maple syrup
2 Tbsp whole wheat flour (or coconut flour if gluten free)
1/4 tsp sea salt

1 c white chocolate chips (can also use dark chocolate chips, dairy free, or carob chips; if using unsweetened chips, add 1/4 c pure maple syrup to your melted chips and coconut oil)
2 tsp coconut oil

In a medium bowl, combine the peanut butter, maple syrup, flour and salt. Mix well. Use a spoon to scoop the batter into 12 balls on a small cookie sheet lined with a piece of parchment or wax paper . Use your hands to shape the dough into an ‘egg’ shape(they can be almost touching). Place them in the freezer and allow to chill about an hour. Once peanut butter mix is frozen, melt the chocolate chips (on stove over med-low heat or in microwave safe dish for 30 seconds at a time and then stirring in between) and stir in coconut oil. Remove the peanut butter eggs from the freezer and using a fork, dip each one into the chocolate and flip to cover completely.  Lift the fork and gently tap the edge of the bowl to allow any excess to drip back into the bowl. Return the chocolate eggs to the parchment paper and spoon any additional chocolate over the tops for a thicker coating, if you like. Allow to set in the freezer for at least 10 minutes before serving. For best consistency, store and serve directly from freezer; once frozen you can move to a gallon ziploc bag to save space.

*Because I wanted these stored in individual servings for my kids for Easter, once all covered in chocolate and frozen, I wrapped each one in plastic wrap and then put them in the ziploc bag. Easter morning once the kids are looking for their baskets, I will put one inside each basket.


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