Healthy Halloween Ideas

Halloween, Sugar and Candy seem to be synonymous terms, and since we’ll have Halloween activities and treats given to us during the entire month of October, which could last through November (but they don’t at our house because after Halloween night, where they get to eat their favorites, we buy them from the children or take them to a dentist who buys them),  I try and provide some fun, festive, but healthier options to somewhat counter balance the massive amounts of sugar that are consumed.

2015-10-08 14.58.50

Last year our church had a Halloween party where we did a ‘trunk or treat’ at the end. I gave out light stick bracelets and the kids loved them! I think it’s just fun to have something that glows in the dark when you’re out late at night. We’re going to hand them out again this year and I found some at a local grocery store for pretty cheap. I know Michael Arts and Craft, usually has a box of 20 or so in their dollar bins.

2015-10-08 14.59.47

Here are a couple fast and easy festive Halloween snacks that you could send with your kiddos to school, or have out on the table for an after-school snack. We love cuties and all you need to make these festive is a sharpie.

2015-10-08 14.59.24

Same idea with the string cheese ghosts. I normally don’t buy string cheese because it’s cheaper to give them a few slices from a block, so these string cheese ghosts are a special favorite.

2015-10-08 14.59.37

Most days we have granola, toast or green smoothie for breakfast, but on Sunday and holidays we’ll do something a little more. We tend to make these pumpkin pancakes all month long in October and November and they’d be a great Halloween breakfast.


This jack-o-lantern whole grain pizza is a family favorite…we actually make this pizza dough recipe every week of the year but on Halloween we shape the pepperoni to look like the face of a jack-o-lantern which makes it a little more fun and festive.

I cook these on a pizza stone and then slide them onto these large cookie sheets once they’re all done cooking and slice them up there.

2015-10-10 16.48.16 2015-10-10 16.57.48 2015-10-10 17.16.48

I also think it’s nice to have a warm soup just before going out into the cold to trick-or-treat with the kiddos, and this tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches is so yummy and is festive and color, and if you have a large pumpkin cookie cutter, you could cut pumpkin shapes into your sandwiches which would be super cute.

If you’re going to a party or having a spooky movie night, this honey kettle corn is perfect.

2015-10-01 12.45.26

These honey caramel apples and caramel popcorn are a lot more sweet than the kettle corn, but still only sweetened with honey, no refined sugars, which I love. I like to cut these apples up into slices and share one with the family after dinner.

2015-10-08 13.41.35

2015-10-19 13.04.31

These honey sweetened pumpkin cookies are amazing! We make them fairly often during the Fall months and would be perfect for a Halloween treat.


Happy Halloween!

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