Grilled Cheese, Tomato and Pesto Sandwich

 My two young girls and I were invited over to a friends house for lunch last week (while older kids were in school). She made us all grilled cheese sandwiches and salad, though the adult sandwiches she made gourmet-style and added some tomato and pesto which I loved! Later that week I made them a couple of more times for my family and added avocado as well, since we’re all big fans of avocado around here. My young girls ate theirs with avocado, but preferred to go without the pesto and tomato. My ten and 9 year old ate it, but minus the tomato.  I love the slightly crispy outer bread texture, combined with the melted cheese, fresh tomato and creamy avocado; it makes my mouth water just writing about it :).

This recipe makes one sandwich because, these days, I’ll  make one for myself for lunch, while Jane and Nora eat a PB&J or a plain cheese sandwich, but feel free to double, triple, quadruple the recipe for a group.

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Grilled Cheese, Tomato and Pesto Sandwich
*makes one sandwich

1/2 Tbsp butter
2 slices whole wheat bread
2 Tbsp Pesto
1/3 c mozzarella cheese, grated or sliced
2 slices Roma tomato (or one slice of beef tomato)
optional: 3 slices avocado

Warm up your pancake griddle or skillet to medium heat. On one slice of bread, spread half of your butter. Place it on the skillet, butter side down, and immediately spread with 1 Tbsp pesto, cheese, tomato and optional avocado (this layering process should only take you a couple of minutes, during which time your cheese will begin to melt). Spread second slice of bread with pesto and lay, pesto side down, onto the sandwich. Spread top of bread with remaining butter and then flip. Allow it to cook another minute until light brown, and crispy.

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