Top Ten, Family Favorite, Whole Food Recipes

Today’s post is a recipe roundup, of my families top ten, favorite whole foods recipes. In preparation for this post, I started jotting down our favorites and soon had over twenty. I went back through the list and decided to narrow it down by crossing out any that I don’t make regularly and any that not everyone in the family loves. The list includes dinner, breakfast, snack and dessert recipes. In no particular order, here is our top ten favorite whole foods recipes:

1. Homemade Pizza (whole grain crust). We eat this every single weekend. I usually make three: pepperoni (no nitrates or msg), cheese, and veggie (onions, bell peppers, artichokes, spinach etc). The crust is crunchy on bottom from the pizza stone and corn meal, and soft and chewy everywhere else. So yummy!

2014-12-05 18.07.31

2. Granola. I make this very large granola recipe once a week, because that’s how fast we go through this batch. Several of the kids(and Scott and I), eat it daily, usually with a little milk or with some plain yogurt sweetened with honey and berries. This is a recipe I’ve altered many times over the past 4 years and we finally have it exactly the way we love it with lots of crunchy clusters. The key to getting those clusters: cooking it low and slow and then allowing it to cool completely before stirring or breaking it up.


3. Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie is something my husband, Scott, makes a lot more than me, mostly because I make a green smoothie daily and so I usually feel like making another smoothie. But the kids and Scott love it and so he makes it several times a week. Scott usually drinks it in the morning as a post-workout protein shake. He likes to add a scoop of his Sunwarrior chocolate protein powder.

4. Waffles are a favorite Sunday meal. We love to top it with whipped cream, fruit, peanut butter and pure maple syrup. I like to cook mine a little longer so they’re a little crispy on the outside.

2015-02-21 18.47.02

5. Enchiladas are a comfort food for me. They remind me of my home in Seattle, and of my dad who made them regularly, and our family. I’m so happy that my husband and children love them too! We usually finish one 9×13 pan, which is 12-14 corn tortillas, in one sitting. I can’t even imagine how many more we’ll need once all five kids are teenagers! But, since they cook with me now, they will cook with me then and we’ll have a family tortilla rolling party :). The homemade enchilada sauce makes these enchiladas so tasty!


6. These Peanut Butter Cookies are made with whole wheat and sweetened with honey and pure maple syrup. No refined flours or sugars! I feel completely at ease when my kids gobble up several of these after our Monday, Family Home Evening lesson, or even if they decided to have a couple after school as part of their snack. They are chewy and so delicious.

2014-11-12 14.06.54

7. Honey Banana Muffins are great for a snack or a quick grab-and-go breakfast. Knowing they are whole wheat and honey sweetened, I feel better about eating muffins. I usually make a double batch for our family of seven, and we freeze half of them. Then, if the kids want to bring one for lunch, they pull one out of the freezer, put it in a tupperware or baggie and by the time lunch rolls around, it has defrosted perfectly and is ready to eat.


8. Crock Pot Black Beans is not only great to eat with Mexican dinners, but a couple of my kids take it for lunch, in a thermos, several times a week. They are that good! And, the house smells amazing while they cook in the slow cooker with all those yummy Mexican spices. And, no need to soak, just rinse them and put them straight into the crock pot. This is another great recipe to freeze and have later if you don’t think your family will eat it all within a week.

9. Pasta with Alfredo Sauce is one of my kids favorite dinners so we have it at least every other week. I will usually leave some of the noodles plain, without any sauce on it,  so that I can put a little marinara sauce on my portion since this is quite a bit of dairy for my milk sensitive body :). We like to throw in some frozen peas with the noodles while they cook. Some of the kids will try and pick them out, but they still usually eat a few of them by accident.

2014-11-24 19.40.14

10. Almond or Peanut Butter Protein Bars/ Balls , and yes, click on both the bars and the balls links to the left because they are two separate recipes. These little bars and balls are probably the most requested snack. I switch off and will make balls one week and bars the next. I love that my older children (ages 9 &10) can make these all on their own without any help from mom…except when they don’t fully clean up their mess, then mom does get involved some :). But not a big mess, usually just a mixing bowl, wooden spoon and a couple of measuring cups.

2015-05-04 14.20.13

2015-03-19 14.31.23

I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!


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