Festive Whole Foods for Valentine’s Day

In honor of Valentine’s Day which is this Saturday, here is a recipe roundup of some of our favorite fun, festive, foods we like to eat to celebrate the holiday.

Breakfast Ideas:

Granola with yogurt and some blueberries and strawberries would be delicious, filling and beautiful! Fruit smoothies are considered a treat at our house because usually I make green smoothies :). I don’t mind having a fruit smoothie for breakfast every once in a while, and I think it’s a fun and pretty way to start out Valentine’s Day. We love this Heart Smoothie.


Berry Banana Smoothie is another great smoothie for Valentine’s Day.


Whole Wheat Cinnamon Rolls cooked in a red foil heart pan (pan not pictured below because I forgot to take a pic when we did this on Valentine’s.)


These are always a BIG hit.


Whole wheat pancakes or waffles topped with fresh strawberries or with a strawberry and banana cream cheese sauce.


Lunch Ideas:

I don’t have any pictures of this one but you could make heart shaped sandwiches using a large heart-shaped cookie cutter, served with a side of fresh strawberries. I love this bread recipe.

Dinner Ideas: 

We really only do pizza for dinner on Valentine’s. It’s tradition and it’s a family favorite. But on Valentine’s we shape our dough into a heart which makes it a little more festive. Here is the Best whole wheat pizza dough recipe ever!



You can serve it with some of the red(pomegranate) Izze drinks, which are basically sparkling juice. IMG_8207

Dessert Ideas:

There are lots of great Valentine desserts out there, but we try and keep it somewhat wholesome since we know the kids will most likely be getting a bunch of sugary treats at school (we let them pick out a couple of favorites from the valentine’s they bring home and everything else goes in the trash). We love these Peanut Butter Cups . They take a little time to set up in the fridge so make sure you plan ahead.


Another idea is to make heart-shaped Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Cookies. There are not very many cookie recipes out there that taste great with all whole wheat flour, but these are the exception. These whole wheat, honey and maple syrup sweetened cookies are amazing!

2015-02-08 17.54.05

My ten-year-old daughter who is in fifth grade, asked if she could make some of these and bring them to her four closest girlfriends for their valentine. I thought it was a brilliant idea and was happy to help. We turned them into giant, heart-shaped cookies…three cookie scoops of dough in each cookie.

2015-02-08 19.20.34

We cut out some cardboard squares and covered them in foil so that our giant heart shaped peanut butter cookies wouldn’t break when she transported them to school.

2015-02-08 19.21.03

Our weekdays are crazy busy and I knew I wouldn’t have much time to whip them out the day before their school Valentine’s celebrations on Thursday, so we made them the week before, sealed them in quart ziploc bags, and froze them. She will take them out of the freezer Thursday morning and they should be thawed and ready to eat within an hour.

2015-02-08 19.22.29

We’ll also be making some chocolate covered strawberries on lollipop sticks this week to bring into my daughter’s first grade class…she’s turning 7 soon and wants to bring these in for her birthday treat to share, which will also be on the Thursday when they celebrate Valentine’s so we thought we’d bring something festive. Happy Love Day!!!


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