Real Food Christmas Holiday Favorites

Since this week is Christmas, I decided to gather up some old favorites from this blog that would make great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day foods. We have a lot of ancestors from Italy and Mexico and so we like to serve traditional foods from those countries for Christmas Eve and Christmas day dinner which opens up conversations about our heritage and family traditions and stories. This year we’re making tamales for Christmas Day dinner which I’m excited about because although it’s been years since I’ve made them, I remember making them with my mom, aunt and sisters on Christmas. I don’t have that recipe posted here yet, but I should have it available soon. Another traditional Mexican food that we make often and love are these enchiladas. This is my dad’s recipe, who was born and raised in Mexico and who owned his own Mexican restaurant in Seattle for awhile. The sauce is made from scratch and is simpler than you’d think. This would be a wonderful Christmas dinner.


Homemade whole wheat pizza is a family favorite and since we have Italian in our heritage as well, this is another Christmas favorite. This year we’re going to use this same pizza dough recipe and make stromboli for Christmas Eve dinner.

Cinnamon rolls Christmas morning are a family tradition. I love this recipe and I make them ahead, the day before, so that I can enjoy Christmas morning with my family.


Quiche would be another good breakfast food to have Christmas morning. You could make the pie dough crust the day before, scramble up your eggs and keep them in a container, along with any other ingredients you want to add to the quiche (grated cheese, cubed ham, chopped spinach, broccoli etc), and then Christmas morning, dump everything together and bake while you open gifts. You can find my Quiche recipe here with a yummy whole wheat crust.

This candied nut green salad,


and this holiday quinoa salad would be great with a variety of dinners.


A pretty, and tasty, green side of Asparagus with Parmesan.

These candied pecans are a great sweet snack that are sweetened with pure maple syrup.


This peanut butter popcorn sweetened with brown rice syrup and coconut sugar is divine!

We love these peanut butter cups. They are a nice treat to have on hand(can make ahead too!) that won’t make you feel too guilty for eating since they’re made with real food ingredients.

These almond blonde brownies are not only delicious, but they’re good for you too! Ground flax, whole wheat flour, almond butter to name a few, and they are sweetened with raw honey.

And you could finish off with these glazed maple pecan cookies! So yum!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


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