Pizza Party!

I was all set and ready to do a continuation on my Indian food post from last week, but then I had a birthday and I turned 30 which is kind of a monumental number and so I thought instead I’d share what we ate for my birthday dinner along with a couple of pictures from my birthday. By the way, though the dinner was healthy, the dessert was was so not. It was an ice cream cake. But we shared between 8 of us and I try to keep it real most of the time which is important. IMG_8622I asked my hubby to make my pizza recipe for my birthday dinner because: 1.) the whole family loves it and I wanted happy people around my birthday table 2.) it’s healthy yet more of a party food 3.) my parents were visiting from Seattle and my mom is vegan and this is an easy one to make a delicious vegan version…I just took a section of the pizza and omitted the cheese and added a variety of sauteed veggies like bell peppers, onions, artichoke hearts etc. (didn’t saute the marinated artichoke hearts). This is a recipe I have shared before, but I’ve recently updated it with a few small changes. So go here and try it yourself! And if you can find Izze drinks to go with it, your family will love you! Izze drinks are a sparkling juice that is naturally sweet; our Costco sells them and they’re a great alternative to soda.

My other birthday request was that my hubby take down the old blinds in the living room and put up drapes that I purchased just prior. He did. And I love them. And him. See here they are! And that’s my baby girl and my hubby in the picture with me.


Happy Birthday to me! And I promise that the next post will be a continuation of the Indian.

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