Blueberry Spinach Breakfast Smoothie

I read a couple of Joel Fuhrman’s books recently, Eat To Live and Disease-Proof Your Child. Both of which I liked and were very informative and both of which contained some recipes…some of which I liked :). Everyone has opinions about foods they like (which I could never forget while in the company of my 5 children..which is always). Now that being said, I tweaked a green smoothie recipe from his book which has become a new favorite in our house. Since I make green smoothies for my family each morning, it’s nice to change things up sometimes and this recipe does just that. I have another green smoothie variation I really like that has a little cinnamon and only uses tropical fruit…I’ll share that one with you another day. But for now, here are the ingredients and then the recipe for the Blueberry Spinach Breakfast Smoothie.

I have used both orange and apple juice and really like them both in this recipe. I’ve also used rice and almond milk and can’t really tell a difference with those. In the picture below I have some almond milk in a pitcher because I made it from scratch. And no, I don’t usually make milk from scratch, it’s more of a rare thing, but I do on occasion, particularly when I’m making a certain ‘ice cream’ that calls for almond milk with it’s pulp. But I do always have on hand, boxes of rice and almond milk which I buy from Costco. Also pictured is ground flaxseed, in a baggie. Sometimes I put flax in my smoothies and other times I’ll add oats, but always one or the other. I’ve used both golden flax and brown flax; both are great and give you a good dose of omega 3 fatty acids. Oat groats are a whole grain and are very protein rich. Adding a little of this to your green smoothie will leave you feeling more full and satisfied.

Blend up your spinach, oats and liquid. Then add in the bananas, blueberries (and ground flax if you’re not doing oats) and ice and blend until smooth. It’s that’s simple; and what a great start to your day!

Blueberry Spinach Breakfast Smoothie

1 c rice milk (almond milk fine too)

1 c 100% orange or apple juice

3-4 c spinach

2 bananas

2 c frozen blueberries

2 Tbsp ground flaxseeds (or can use 2 Tbsp steel cut oats or oat groats; this makes it feel like a complete breakfast)

4 ice cubes (about 1/2 c)

Blend all ingredients in high powered blender until smooth.

*You can easily grind your own flaxseeds in your high power blender. Do this first and then add in all the other ingredients.


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2 responses to “Blueberry Spinach Breakfast Smoothie

  1. Christine

    Made it this morning. LOVED it! Thank you. I have gotten so sick of making the same green smoothie over and over again! Love that it has the flax in it especially.

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