Protein Comparison Chart

Some people wonder how vegans and vegetarians get their protein. That’s not a big surprise considering the large amount of money and influence in the meat and dairy companies. They’re the ones who fund much of the health/nutrition education in schools. If you look at this chart you’ll see that the first five items on this list, the items that have the most protein, are all vegetarian/vegan. Black beans, kidney beans, lentils, wheat gluten, etc. And peanut butter has more than most meats as well. I’m not 100% vegetarian(though I mostly don’t like meat) but I thought this chart was good enough to share.



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4 responses to “Protein Comparison Chart

  1. dont forget greens, they also contain valued protein

  2. Felicity

    Hello and thank you for your blog! I have a question; why are some of the proteins listed as raw? I don’t believe I’ve ever eaten raw chicken or raw egg and so I’m wondering: does the cooking of the meat or eggs change their protein content? I’m pregnant in the later end of my second trimester, and though I’ve been vegetarian and vegan in my past I am now raising my own meat and eating it; so I’ve been trying to get at least 100 grams of protein in a day and I’m finding that it can be a chore sometimes to eat that much so I’ve been looking to remind myself of the ways I used to get my protein when I was a vegetarian to expand my protein sources, and just learn more about nutrition in general!!

  3. Felicity, I read that the protein content does change when you cook it (lowers), and the amount depends on how you cook it: microwave, in oven, boiled, slow cooker etc. That being said, I’ve also read that most of us are getting plenty if not way too much protein and we shouldn’t worry about it too much. I was vegetarian during three of my five pregnancies and didn’t keep close track to the nutrients I ate, just ate whole foods, whatever sounded good, and didn’t have any problems. Good luck!

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